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Film Review : Cadaver

 The Amala Paul starrer Cadaver ( Tamil), a medical thriller directed by Anoop Panicker, starring Harish Uthaman, Adith Arun, Athulya, Munishkanth and others,  dropped on Aug 12th on Disney Hotstar  Amala plays a proficient forensic pathologist (Dr Bhadra) who is pasionate about her work.  She is drawn into a case of a prisoner Vetri ( Thrigun aka Adith Arun) who reveals he has killed a heart surgeon. When a cop ( Harish Uthaman) brings a case of  a dead body to Bhadra for her expert opinion, a series of events link Vetri, nefarious activities in a hospital, an orphan girl who is killed (Athulya Ravi) and several more characters. As dead bodies pile up,  the mystery deepens. Who is behind all the killings and why?  Cadaver works well with a taut screenplay, a dash of emotions and sentiments, characters neatly portrayed, crisp dialogues sans any meandering lines and supsense that keeps going till the end.   Amala Paul, who is also the producer, shines as Bhadra, doing full justice to he