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Libra Productions V C Ravindhran bankrolls 'Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru' directed by Saji Saleem and starring Viddharth, Vikranth, Karthik Kumar and Varun

Leading production house Libra Productions' V C Ravindhran is bankrolling ' Vidiyum Varai Kaathiru' starring Viddharth, Vikranth, Karthik Kumar, Varun and directed by Saji Saleem , who worked as an assistant director to Ramkumar of 'Mundasupatti' and 'Ratsasan' fame. Viddharth, Vikranth, Karthik Kumar, Varun, Chandran, Mahalakshmi Shankar, Quincy, Valina Francis, Nimmi Emmanuel and others are playing the main characters of the film. Talking about the movie, Ravindhran said that 'Vidiyum Varai Kathiru' will be a full-length thriller set in one night. He said there will be no dearth of action scenes from start to finish. "The film is about the consequences that happen after a police office and a naxalite interchange their cars. Karthik plays a police officer, Vikranth is the Naxalite, and Viddharth is the driver. Varun joins this journey at an interesting time," said Ravindhran. About the casting, he said, "When Saleem narrated the story