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Quick Review : Spot

by Rinku Gupta RFI Films' Spot is produced by VRR who is also the director. The story revolves around a group of young boys ( Karate Kaushik, Rehaan and others ) who go to a disco to celebrate a birthday. There they run into a young girl ( Agni Pawar) who is being chased by goons hired by a henchman ( Nasser) who are out to kill her. The youngsters pull her to safety in thier car during the attack and what follows is a long car chase right up to Karnataka. As the goons threaten them with death and even kill one of the boys who goes to fetch diesel, the young lady reveals the reason behind the chase and how she landed in such a dire situation. Hearing her story, the boys vow to help her even at the risk of their lives. Do they manage to take on the dangerous gang? What happens next is the story. The young hero, Karate Kaushik has done a good job especially in the stunt sequences. With a good voice modulation he has carried off the emotional scenes as well. Wat

Quick Review: Kabhilavasthu

by Rinku Gupta Kabhilavasthu is directed by Nesam Murali and produced by him under the Buddha Films banner. The story mainly revolves around the lot of homeless people in cities and the hardships they face because of the lack of an address and a home to live in. The film centres around Platform Murugan ( Nesam Murali ) who was abandoned in a public toilet at birth. As luck would have it, he gets a job as the keeper of the same public toilet. Nearby on a platform live Velankanni ( baby Ishwarya) and her grandmother apart from Nandhini ( Dayana) and other homeless people. He develops a familial bond with all of them and falls in love with Nandhini. The homeless child dreams of getting a roof over her head and works in her spare time to collect money to rent a house somehow. They even plan to all live as one family. But try as they might to find thier dream home on rent, the goal keeps eluding them  due to lack of funds, lack of a ration card and I D proof and enemies they enco

Dhanush's commences shoot of Sathyajyothi films Production 34

by Rinku Gupta After thier recent hit “Viswasam” starring Ajith Kumar and Nayanthara in lead roles, Sathya Jyothi Films is starting its next, tentatively titled “Production No. 34”, starring Dhanush in the lead role. The film kick-starts its first leg of shooting with a 30-day schedule in Courtallam, where major portions involving Dhanush and Sneha are to be filmed. The film marks the second collaboration of Dhanush and filmmaker Durai Senthil Kumar after ‘Kodi’. Filmmaker Durai Senthil Kumar says, “Personally, I'm very happy to be working with Dhanush sir yet again after the success of ‘Kodi’. While I considered this to be a great surprise, I am now enthralled by the fact that I have an opportunity to work with a reputed production studio like Sathya Jyothi Films. Their distinct way of planning and executing a project  smoothly has always been an inspiration to many. I feel like I have a  huge responsibility to deliver a best product on my shoulders and Im keeping my fi