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Movie Review: 80s Build Up

 Studio Greens's laugh riot, director Kalyaan's Santhanam starrer 80's Build Up, hit theatres today on November 24th.  The film is set in the 80's, with Santhanam playing a Zamindar's son, a, a huge  movie buff and ardent fan of Kamal Haasan. When his grandfather suddenly dies on the day of Kamal's film release, all hell breaks loose. He is unable to see the film FDFS. Not only that,  relatives pile in along with strangers who are after the dead body,  looking for diamonds inside it. His Dad ( Naren) gets drunk and falls for one  of his grandfathers' ex girlfriends ( Anandraj in drag, out to get back the diamonds), not knowing her real identity. But there is silver lining as well. A beautiful girl ( Radhika Preeti) also enters his life when she comes for the condolence with her mom. But everytime he starts to woo her, his sister and her friends intrude to spoil his plans. All this is being watched by the dead soul, along with Yamaraj, Chitragupta and  others