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Prabhas to star as ‘Bhairava’ in the highly anticipated magnum opus ‘Kalki 2898 AD’

  Marking the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivratri comes the most awaited reveal from the makers of the epic saga ‘Kalki 2898 AD’, helmed by the visionary Nag Ashwin. Taking to social media, the makers of the sci-fi spectacle unveiled the character name of the film’s lead star Prabhas as ‘Bhairava’. Introducing ‘Bhairava’ to audiences, team ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ wished everyone a very Happy Maha Shivaratri! With the big reveal, fans of the actor and the film have been sharing their excitement about the same on the internet.  Announcing the same on social media, Team ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ shared a picture of Prabhas as ‘Bhairava’ and wrote, “From the future streets of Kasi, Introducing 'BHAIRAVA' from #Kalki2898AD. #Prabhas #Kalki2898ADonMay9” Looking every bit badass, Prabhas is seen sporting an all-black ensemble, complete with a cape, while seated in a factory-like setting, heightening curiosity about the film’s storyline. Meanwhile, it was only recently when lead star Prabhas, along wi

Movie Review : J Baby

 Senthil ( Maaran) and Shankar ( Dinesh) are brothers who are not on talking terms. One day they are summoned by the cops who reveal that their aged mother J Baby ( Urvashi)  is in a police station in West Bengal. They are told to go and fetch her back and are heavily reprimanded for neglecting her When the brothers reach the Kolkata police station, a surprise awaits them. Their mother has been sent off to a Women Vagrants Home. They have to wait another day to go there.  All along, they are helped by a good samaritain Armyman who hails from TN, who was contacted by the cops as he knows Tamil.     The next day when they reach the Home, they are not allowed entry due to it being a holiday. Again they have to wait a day.  The next day things get worse. J Baby has disappeared from the Home! Where is their mother? How can they find her? Who is J Baby? How did she land up in Kolkata all the way from Chennai? Why are these brothers not talking to each other? Do they ever find J Baby?  Debut

Movie Review: Arimapatti Sakthivel

 Arumapatti is a village where people are ostracised and punished if anyone in the family marries outsiders, that too, from another caste. Despite such a history, a youngster Sakthivel (Pavan) does a registered marriage with his bride  ( Meghana Ellen)  from another caste, who ĥe had fallen for in his school days. The villagers punish  his family  and tell them they can only stay in the village if they never  speak to him again.  Not only that, the bride's brother too is against the wedding and goes to the police.  What, happens to the couple? Can Sakthivel live without the loving care of his family whom he is close to? Does  the bride's family accept them? Or are they in danger from casteist elements? The director has reportedly based his film on a real village where such rules are still followed. The anecdotes too are reportedly taken from his own life.  The narration travels effectively , bringing out the the various layers of the story. The thinking of the  casteist society

Movie Review : Guardian

Guardian, a thrilling revenge drama with supernatural elements, is Hansika's next  film. Hansika plays an interior designer who grows up thingking she is unlucky. She comes to Chennai for a job in a prestigious company where she finds one day that things have changed. Now, whatever she thinks strongly or says out loud with feeling, actually comes true. At first she is happy with the positive change. But soon things go out of hand, and when people start dying because of what she said or thought, she goes to a psychologist to seek help.   Soon things begin to go south in her life and she discovers the root cause. Apparently an avenging spirit of young mother who was killed by her own company bosses and their friends has entered her body and is now seeking revenge. Who was that mother ( Diya)? Why was she killed? Does she accomplish her goals ? What happens when the truth comes out? The film turns out to be a stylishly made, slick supernatural thriller with suspense, humor, emotions a