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 -James Cameron's (director of Avatar), ALIENS (1986) is still  rated as one of the best science fictions ever! Several sequels have so far been  made, most of which proved successful at the box-office but even today, James  Cameron's Aliens is being rated very high by both the critics and film buffs!  Toeing the line of the concept of aliens' attack on humans, this latest flick,  Aliens 2042 releasing worldwide on May 26th 2023. In India, it is releasing in 6  Languages! The screenplay has been set in the near future-year 2042!  SYNOPSIS -With a view to steal the water resources found of Mother Earth,  Aliens launch a major attack on all the major cities ofthe globe and all the countries of the world unite to fight against the Aliens! All other military forces  having been defeated, the only left is the Chinese Army which too gets defeated! One of the survivors is an enterprising youth Cheng Ling who falls in love with Gao Ren. While pursue his love for his beloved, Cheng

Film Review: Kazhuvethi Moorkkan

The rural action drama Arulnidhi starrer Kazhuvethi Moorkkan directed by Sy Gowthama Raj and produced by Olympia Movies, hit screens on May 26th. Moorkkan ( Arulnithi) is best friends since childhood with Boominathan ( Santhosh Prathap), though both are from different echelons in society. Boomi is a a do-gooder activist and educationist wanting to bring up the lower sections in society.This deep friendship is hated by Moorkkan's father, (a politico himself) and the duo land up in the cross hairs of vested interests like people indulging in caste and party politics. As a result, Boomi is murdered and Moorkkan is blamed for it. What happens when vested interests take over the village and want to exploit caste clashes for votes? When Moorkkam realises his own father is among the culprits, what is his reaction? Does he avenge his friend's death? The film has solid performances by Arulnithi and Santhosh Prathap. Arulnithi shines in the action scenes, bringing a rawness and credibili

Film Review : 2018

 The Malayalam film 2018, based on the 2018 floods in Kerala, hit the screens in its Tamil version, today, on May 26th. The story revolves around the tagline, 'everyone is a hero', when one of the worst floods in Kerala brought life to a standstill. How ordinary citizens, especially the fishing community, rose to the occasion and helped evacuate people in distress, some even losing their lives , is what the film highlights. There are a plethora of actors ( see list below) who strung together, bring alive wonderful tales of bravery, selflessness and kindness in the face of danger. The film is an inspiration and a tribute to unsung heroes. The narrative is engaginf, events gripping and the screenplay fast- paced. There is emotion and humor, love and caring, family values and patriotism.  A sure shot must watch.  Cast : 2018 movie technician list:  WRITER, DIRECTOR: JUDE ANTHANY JOSEPH   Tamil Dialogue: Sreeja Ravi  PRODUCERS: VENU KUNNAPPILLY, C K PADMA KUMAR, ANTO JOSEPH   DIREC

Raghuthatha': Hombale Films' Tamil Debut, Continuing the Revolution after KGF and Kantara!

  Hombale Films, the acclaimed production house behind blockbuster hits like 'KGF Chapter 2' and 'Kantara,' is delighted to announce the successful completion of the shooting for their First Tamil film, 'Raghuthatha.' This highly anticipated movie, directed by the award-winning writer of 'Family Man,' Suman Kumar, promises to captivate audiences with its powerful storytelling and remarkable performances. Starring the immensely talented national award-winning acto r Keerthy Suresh in the lead role, 'Raghuthatha' marks Hombale Films' first venture into Tamil cinema. Keerthy Suresh, known for her exceptional acting skills and extensive body of work in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu films, has once again delivered a stellar performance that is sure to leave audiences in awe. 'Raghuthatha' is an empowering tale of a young woman's journey to save the identity of her people and land. Producer Viay Kiragandur expresses his enthusiasm for the

Film Review: Theera Kadhal

 The triangular love story, Theera Kadhal, directed by Rohin Venkatesan , produced by Lyca Productiobs, hit screens today on May 26th. Gautham ( Jai ) and Vandana ( Sshivada) are an IT couple with a kid ( Vriddhi Vishal) who live in Chennai. When Gautham goes on a work trip to Mangalore, in the train ride, he bumps into Aranya ( Aishwarya Rajesh), his college mate and ex lover, who had ditched him last minute due to family considerations, when they had planned to elope. As the duo are both on work in Mangalore for 2 weeks, sparks fly and the close friendship is rekindled by Gautham's efforts to meet her. Aranya has an abusive husband ( Amzath Khan) which saddens Gautham. But at the end of the trip,  the duo agree not to meet in Chennai as both are married. But things begin to head south when Aranya decides to divorce her violent husband and turns to Gautham for solace, disrupting his married life, by stalking him and even turning up at his doorstep as a new neighbour when he shuns