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    This is an animated science fiction comedy and is the ninth film in the Boonie Bears series. It has been directed by Lin Yongchang and Shao Heqi. In the film, young Briar and Bramble lose their mother in a forest fire, and many years later, Vick brings them to a robot research institute, where they unexpectedly receive news of their mother! In Crystal Peaks forest, bear cubs Briar and Bramble lose their mother, Barbara, in a fire. Determined to find her, they meet Charlotte, whose amber stone gives them hope. When Charlotte is kidnapped by the Scrap Rebel gang, the brothers, with ally Vicky, embark on a perilous journey to rescue her. Amidst challenges, they discover a Scrap Rebel member who resembles their lost mother, Barbara. This revelation drives them to confront the truth, leading to victory, rescuing Charlotte, and uncovering life-changing secrets. Written by- Cui Tiezhi, Liu Zhenjie and Xu Yun Music Qin Zao, Li Zhiping Directed by-  Lin Yongchang and Shao Heqi. HANSA PICTUR