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FILM review - DSP

 DSP starring VSP , directed by Ponram hit theatres on Dec 2nd, produced by Stonebenchers. DSP Vasco Da Gama ( Vijay Sethupathy ) hails from Dindugal, son of a leading flower vendor ( Ilavarsan). He lives a happy life with his family.  That is, tiĺl some trouble ends up in his life in the form of few powerful goons. When he eventually turns DSP, he takes the opportunity to set them straight. Does he succeed? The film is a colorful riot of family sentiment, romance between DSP and Annapurni ( Ms India Anukreethy Vas making a debut) and beating up goons and their henchmen. There is comic relief in scenes with Pugazh and Sethupathi while sister sentiment angle is also there to cater to  family audiences. For Vijay its a cake walk and its his screen presence that keeps the viewer glued to the screen, since the sttoryline ( in a non linear narrative) doesnt have much novelty, being a time-tested formula, and commercial pot boiler. Anukreethy Vas has dubbed for herse