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Maanadu on Sony LIV from Dec 24 th!

 * SonyLIV gears up to release Tamil movie Maanaadu, an astounding sci -fi time loop on 24th December *   An engrossing sci-fi movie filled with action, suspense, and intense drama, Tamil film Maanaadu is gearing up for its release on SonyLIV. Starring Silambarasan, S. J. Surya and Kalyani Priyadarshan in lead roles, the film directed by Venkat Prabhu narrates the edge of the seat tale of the protagonist Abdul Khaaliq who gets caught in a time loop leading to a series of  life altering events. Maanaadu is the story of how the laws of the universe break down when we betray the commitment to justice and engage in destructive acts. The film will be streaming on SonyLIV on 24th December 2021.   Silambarasan plays the role of Khaaliq, an honest man who must confront the harsh realities of corruption, crime, and a dangerous plot to upend the social order. But when he gets stuck in a time-loop, where each mistake leads him back to square one, he soon realizes that the only way to get out of t