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Miga Miga Avasaram team's Thank You Meet

By Rinku Gupta The release of Miga Miga Avasaram was delayed at the last minute due to obtaining only a bare minimum of theatres in October. Finally the producers got 125 theaters to release the film on November 8th.  The makers Libra Productions held a thank you meet to felicitate everyone who had advised and helped them. Ravinder chandrasekar                            Heroine Sri Priyanka Suresh kamatchi " Many people  phoned and offered thier support from the industry. Abirami Ramanathan was amongst the first to help with the release.  And Im so greateful to ministers  Kadambar Raju sir and Vijay Bhasker sir for thier help.  Im grateful to the press and media whose reviews had helped me with theatres," said producer Ravinder Chandrasekar. Actor Harish said," Im grateful to the press and everyone who helped us."                                Actor Harish Heroine Sri Priyanka added her thanks to everyone for