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Movie Review : DD Returns

The much awaited Santhanam, Surbhi starrer DD Returns hits theatres on July 28th. Sathish ( Santhanam) is in love with Sofia ( Surbhi back in Tamil ). But due to a series of circumstances, he has to get her out of the clutches of a demonic local bigwig and gather 25 lakhs for her freedom. When he tries to do so,  due to  series of quirky events, he lands up in a haunted house and has to battle 5 ghosts on order to get back his lady love. In the meantime, several others groups of criminals are also after him for the booty and all land up at the haunted castle. What happens next? The film keeps you entertained for the most part. The ghosts in the castle have been given a back story of a particular game and the way the treasure of Santhanam lands up at the castle as well as the other gangs, is well tied up together, making for a plausible storyline. With so many artists in the film from motta Rajendran to Redin Kingsley and Muniskanth and others, there is never  dull moment. Santhanam mak