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Review : TAANA

By Rinku Gupta ( Subscribe to CinemaSpeak for video Updates ) Taana, directed by Yuvraj Subramani, stars Vaibhav as an aspiring cop, Yogi Babu as his friend and Nandita Swetha as his lady love. Vaibhav plays a man afflicted by a malady affecting his vocal cords. Wherever he gets emotional or angry, his voice turns feminine. Due to this, he is rebufffed by a corrupt cop from getting entry into the police force. This affects his dad ( Pandiarajan) who comes from a line of brave police officers, celebrated for generations in the village. He is determined to get his son into the police force for the sake of family honor. In the meanwhile, the cop within the dejected Vaibhav comes to the fore as he runs into a data sharing racket leading to mysterious deaths. Does he solve the crimes? Does he overcome his affliction? Does he restore the honour of his family? The comedy bits with Yogi Babu and Vaibhav work well in parts. Vaibhav's own poker- faced style of humor is a bi

Review: Rajavukku Check

By Rinku Gupta (Subscribe to CinemaSpeak for video updates) Director Sai Rajkumar returns post a long gap with the Cheran , Irfan, Srushti Dange starrer, investigative thriller Rajavukku Check. Cheran plays an alcoholic cop, affected by a malady known as the Sleeping Beauty syndrome where he can fall asleep suddenly and for undeteremined periods. This affects his marital life, with divorce proceedings turning bitter and running into 10 years. In the final hearing, he tells the judge that he is willing to grant divorce if his wife allows his 17 year old daughter to stay with him for 10 days prior to leaving for the US for higher studies. When she comes over, all goes well, till she is kidnapped by a man who she introduces as her boyfriend via a video recording ( Irfan in a convincing performance). But unbeknownst to her, the boyfriend and his 3 friends have trapped her, as revenge for a previous arrest Cheran had got them into. Now, the villains subject Cheran to a cat