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Mayan Grand teaser launched

by Rinku Gupta  A team from Malaysia is making a joint-venture Tamil  and English Bi-lingual called Mayan. Actor Vinod who has previously acted in 2 movies overseas, is in the lead role.  At the teaser launch of the film in Chennai, the hero said ," This is my first movie in Kollywood.   My team was amazing and I feel blessed to be part of this project,  thanks to Lord Siva who is at the core of this film." Tamil actor Priyanka is his  co-star in the English version. "Im proud that I am part of a Hollywood movie. Dato Mohanasundaram is the pillar of the team. I thank my director and Vinod and the team," she said.  The film is produced by Fox Crow Studios and GVKM Elephant Pictures. The event was attended by the Malaysian  producers  Dato  Paduka Seri Dr Mohana Sundaram Tangkaveloo and Dato Kanesh Mohana Sundaram along with Logi Dhasan Thanaraj deputy director Consulate  General  of Malaysia in Chennai. Cameraman Arun Prasad said, "In 2011  I met dir

Yogi Babu and Munishkanth in dark comedy thriller

by Rinku Gupta K-Town is getting enriched  day by day with the emergence of filmmakers, actors and technicians with fresh ideas.  Production houses  with similar mindsets  become pillars behind such movies. Hungry Wolf Entertainment and Production LLLP    seem to be one such production house, making a film teaming Yogi Babu with Munishkanth in a dark comedy thriller. The film marks the directorial debut of Balaiya.  “I am really thankful to producers Ve.Jay.Karthik and Sakthi for giving me this opportunity to make my directorial debut. It’s a great scenario to see producers like them being gate openers for aspiring filmmakers like me to venture into industry.” says filmmaker Balaiya, who has directed a few  short films apart from  being assistant and associate director in movies like CSK and Naduvan.  Talks are going on with some of the familiar and prominent actors to be a part of this film, which will have the shoot commencing by end of March.  The technical