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Devi Sri Prasad's Secret Talents in Making Trending Video, Revealed !

By Rinku Gupta The super talented music director Devi Sri Prasad is a world renowned powerhouse of musical talent with a humungous fan base. But due to the corona lockdown, a different facet of his creative talent has come to the fore with his recent trending video  for the #BeTheRealMan challenge on social media. The video came in for huge praise from industry folks apart from fans. Even Kamal Haasan called DSP personally to convey how much he enjoyed the video and how on point the message pertaining to the importance of women, especially the mother in the family was. ( click here to view what Kamal said). It so happens that DSP has not only acted in the clip, but also conceptualised,  directed, shot and edited  it himself,  all at his home studio, under the lockdown period!  When we quizzed him about how he made the video which features various camera angles, several people and all with a dose of humor and emotion in perfect measure, DSP gave us an exclusive peek into its

Vijay Antony Reduces 1 Crore in Salary to Support Producers !

By Rinku Gupta In the time of the corona pandemic, the already struggling film industry has taken a huge hit, with theatres being shut indefinitely. The fate of several films hangs in the balance, especially those under production. Mounting interest rates, loans and the like are adding to the woes of producers giving them sleepless nights. In such a scenario, cost reduction of projects plays a vital role in reducing the burden on struggling producers. One of the constant demands even in the past has been reduction of huge salaries paid to heroes and lead technicians which could make a difference to a project's overall cost and ultimately the profits if any, from box office collections. Now, actor,  producer and music director Vijay Antony, who recently gave a hit in 'Kolaigaran ' and also has substantial reach among the Telugu audience, has taken the first step in this direction. Vijay Antony is currently part of three films namely Tamizharasan for Producer FEFSI