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Film Review: Thugs

 Brinda master's,2nd film as director is,Thugs which released on Feb 24th in theatres. Producer, distributor Shibu Thameems's son Hrudhu Haroon debuts as hero in this prison break action drama.  The entire film is set in a jail in Nagercoil where Hrudhu Haroon and Simha are incarcerated, along with several others. Both of them have a backstory.  RK Suresh plays a tough cop who beats up convicts mercilessly to instil fear and keep  the discipline in the jail.  But despite it all, the prisoners plan a daring escape. Do they succeed? What happens to them? The film also stars Anaswara Rajan , Munishkanth and Arun and Aravind, all of whom perform realistically. For Munishkanth it's a meaty role, different from his usual ones and he aces it. Simha plays the brooding, angry prisoner to perfection. The movie rests on the shoulders of Hrudhu who carries the  film effortlessly. Be it the action scenes or the emotional and romantic ones,  Hrudhu excels all the way making a solid entry

Mega Power Star Ram Charan speaks to ABC News Live - It is not just our success, it is the Indian film industry’s success

  In an exclusive interview with Will Reeve for ABC channel, Mega Power Star Ram Charan spoke about the kind of response the blockbuster movie, RRR has received.  When the interviewer asked the global star about the Naatu Naatu song, Ram Charan spoke about how the song was shot in Ukraine just three months before the war. “We shot for 15 days at the presidential palace. “Ukraine is beautiful. I wanted to visit Ukraine as a tourist after the filming of our film,” he added. Talking about the Oscar nomination for Naatu Naatu song, Ram Charan daid, If the song wins the Oscar, he probably wouldn't be able to believe it. Someone would have to wake him up and tell him to go on stage to collect it. “It is not just our success, it is the Indian film industry’s success,” he stated. The actor sure hopes more films come to the Oscars and golden globes. Complimenting director SS Rajamouli for the film, he said how the director told him films are about emotions. “And this film has all sorts of e

Film Review: Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum

 Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum (SSSS) directed by Vignesh Sha, produced by Lark studios and starring Mirchi Shiva, Megha Akash, Mano, Makapa Anand,Bucks, Shara and others, hit screens today on Feb 24th. Madesh ( Shara) is a scientist who invents a smartphone with Artificial Intelligence ( AI) whose abbreviation is SIMRAN. She is in the form of a girl ( Megha Akash) who can multitask and is a breakthrough invention. An angel investor ( Bucks) is after the invention tech which is with 500 crores in the international market.  But the phone gets stolen and lands up in the hands of food delivery man Shankar ( Shiva) who is in love with influencer Tulsi ( Anju Kurian). SIMRAN helps Shankar to rise in life and amass wealth buy also falls in love with him.  When Shiva tells her she is a good friend, but is only a phone and so he cannot live with her like a human,  all hell breaks loose.  Now, Simran decides to show him what she's capable of.  What havoc does she wreak in his life an