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Film Review : Vijayanand

The biopic Vijayanand on the life of Vijay Sankeshwar, founder of the VRL Group, (a transport fleet industry giant, that started off with one truck) hit theatres on Dec 9th, directed by Rishika Sharma. The story is,narrated through the eyes of his son Anand Sankeshwar. Vijay ( Nihal) who hails from Karnataka's Gadag, talks about his father BG Sankeshwar ( Anant Nag) who was in the printing press business. One day,  Vijay decides to set out on his own,  and starts a transport company accompanied with a great vison in mind  and just one truck. From an early age one can see the bright ideas he has and the ability to follow through and chase his dreams and bring them to fruition. His uphill journey to become a business magnate is what the story is about.  We encounter the people in his life like his mother Chandramma ( Vineeta Prasad), his wife Lalitha ( Siri Prahlad) and  his son Anand (Bharath Bopanna). Slowly we get a peek into his iconic life and inspiration

Film Review: Naai Sekar Returns

 Lyca Productions' Naai Sekar Returns hit theatres on Dec 9th. The film is Vadivelu's comeback after a long hiatus, directed by Suraaj. Sekar is a guy who catches dogs of the affluent and holds them for ransom. But not being good at it, he usually fails miserably most of the time.  What happens when he hears of his own childhood dog who had disappeared? Can he now rescue the dog he considered his lucky charm ? The production design is rich and vibrant. The film seeks to rely on the Vadivelu nostalgia factor to entertain audiences and that's the USP as the ace comedian doesnt disappoint.  Undoubtedly he  is a livewire entertainer and seeing him on the screen brings back the memories of his hey days. Santhosh Narayanan's bgm is a big plus. Redin Kingsley, Shivangi, Shivaani, Ramar, Bala, Seshu and others offer ample support with their comic capers. Anand Raj's one liners and Sachu are a big plus as well. His combo scenes with Vadivelu are fun t