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Quick Review: Viswasam

by Rinku Gupta As a film for the festival holidays,  families and fans, Viswasam has the right mix of emotions, comedy  and action with Ajith Kumar at the centre of it all. The story ( without giving away any spoilers) revolves around the life of Thookku Durai ( Ajith Kumar) who is a much revered and feared rice mill owner with a large family, in his village. He is quick to beat up baddies who have wronged people in the village. This earns him several enemies.  When Dr Niranjana ( Nayanthara) comes to his village for a health camp, her aversion for his flying fists later changes to admiration and love leading to marriage. But what happens when they have a child and things begin to go wrong ? Does Thookku Durai manage to set things right? Be it in the dances, emotional scenes or light-hearted comedy, Ajith gives it his all, making for a delightful watch for fans. Several hi-octane stunts of Ajith will keep viewers glued. In the emotional scenes too he strikes a chord instantly