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Yogi Babu's The Lucky Man shoot wrapped up !

  The content-driven performer Yogi Babu has been winning the appreciation of audiences for his unique choice of scripts and roles. While there are many movies to list in this league, the actor has come up with yet another project titled ‘Lucky Man’, directed by Balaji Venugopal, which owns a special concept.   This film talks about a man's journey of finding out what real luck is all about. There is more to luck than its material possession. Sometimes not getting what we want is also a brilliant stroke of luck.  So what happens with the protagonist of this film is the basic crux of this movie. The entire film has been shot in and around Chennai. The film talks about a small and simple problem that people in big cities easily come across, but leave unsaid and unnoticed. This is the basic theme of this film. The entire shooting is already completed, and the post-production work is briskly nearing completion. While Yogi Babu plays the content-driven protagonist in this movie, the oth