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Quick Review: Mamangam

By Rinku Gupta Directed by PadmaKumar, Mamangam is the tale of the ancient valiant warrior clans of Vallavunadu in Kerala, who for generations prove their valour , challenging in the face of death, the powerful Zamorin. Mammootty , plays one such warrior from the Chandroth House who after a valiant attempt to fight them,  escapes the armies of the Zamorin. But he does not return to his home and instead resides with a group of women,  in an effiminate avatar as a painter. Many years later,  he meets two warriors from Chandroth, en route to Mamangam, who are his relatives ( Unni Mukundan and child actor Achyuthan). While training them further based on his own experiences, he also imparts the futility of continuing with the process,  instead of putting the issue to rest. What happens to the young warriors? Do they continue on their quest  ? The Kalari scenes ( especially of young Achuthan ) are a highlight as are the traditional battles by the Valluvanad warriors. The sets are