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Actor Aadhi’s ‘Clap’ kick-starts with fast paced shoot

by Rinku Gupta In  coming days, you’ll find Aadhi drenched in sweat, flexing his muscles as he turns athlete for the character of  his upcoming film Clap, directed by debut filmmaker Prithvi Aditya that comes tagged with the line ‘The Sound of Success’. The film produced by I B Karthikeyan of Big Print Pictures was launched on June 12, 2019 with a simple ritual ceremony and the commencement of shoot is on full swing from June 21st.  The first schedule will be shot in and around the exquisite backdrops of Chennai.  The female leads are   actors Akansha Singh and Krisha Kurup. Says director Prithvi Aditya, “Since, all the artistes have prepared themselves for getting into the skin of characters, I am sure, my job is going to be easy. Aadhi sir is well known for maintaining a stunning physique and is a fitness geek by nature. Akansha Singh is already a well established artiste and I’m eagerly looking forward to witnessing her midas-touch to this role. Krisha Kurup had to

Arun Vijay-Ritika Singh starrer “Boxer” shooting commences

by Rinku Gupta An engrossing drama seems to be in the making as the team “Boxer” kick-starts the shoot after a prolonged phase of heavy preparations. The shooting commenced today with a formal launch that was attended by the cast and crew followed by eminent personalities like director Hari ,Preetha Hari, actor Vijaykumar, director Sam Anton and director Karthick Naren. Featuring Arun Vijay and Ritika Singh in lead roles, the film is produced at a whopping budget by V. Mathiyalagan of Etcetera Entertainment and is directed by debutant Vivek. Producer V Mathiyalagan says, “Finally, after  thorough preparations, we launched the film launched today (June 21) followed by the first leg of shoot, which will go on full stretch. Usually,  producers get happy, watching a film shape up during the course of production. In fact, their judgments and predictions about the film’s potential can be probably affirmed only midway. But with “Boxer”, I started to have a complete positivity about