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Quick Review: Game Over

By Rinku Gupta YNOT studios' home invasion thriller Game Over   is directed by Ashwin Saravanan of Maya ( starring Nayanthara) fame, with Taapsee Pannu making a return to Tamil after a few years. The film revolves around a video games creator Sapna( Taapsee ) who suffers from phobia of the dark, apart from being affected by trauma symptoms when the anniversary of a past tragedy triggers subconscious memories. She even contemplates suicide. She lives alone with her maid Kala ( Vinodhini Vaidhyanathan) who helps her through this tough time. As if this was not enough, another series of events await her which pushes her nearer to the edge. Does she keel over? Or does she fight her demons and rise like a phoenix? Ashwin and co- writer Kaavya deserve credit for the tight screenplay, research and unusual choice of story. The thrills and jumps will keep viewers glued and also guessing. The first half builds up the tension and the puts the pieces of the puzzle in place, though a