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Movie Review : Pagalariyaan

 The story revolves around a young man (Vetri) who is eloping one night with his lover ( Akshaya Kandamuthan) in a car.  On the way,  they duo encounter many characters and dangers. There is another man ( Murugan) who is in search of a girl.   The journeys of all the characters are fraught with hazards, in the form of goons, a kidnappings, bloodletting and gore. Nothing is what it seems.  Do the characters  find what they are looking for? Are the lovers united? Who are all these people and how are they interconected? The film requires your full attention from beginning to end to try and make sense of what's happening on screen. From killing to kidnapping and molestation, the film touches upon it all.  While some scenes are moving,  it requires utmost patience to try to decipher what's happening on screen. The suspense works in a few places but after a while it gets too tedious to keep track of.  Vetri delivers a solid perfirmance with a makeover but is let down by the screenpla

Movie Review : Saamaniyan

 A senior citizen from the village,  Sankaranarayanan ( Ramarajan)  comes to Chennai with his friend ( MS Bhasker) to visit another close  friend ( Radha Ravi) for a day.  But things are not as they seem.  The trio actually are part of a plot to raid a bank. Sankaranarayan lands up there with a bomb and a series of demands while his two friends hold the families  ( Vinothini, Smruthi Venkat)of the bank manager and his assistant manager, hostage at gun point. With a senior cop ( KS Ravikumar)hot on their heels to investigate and the entire media covering the heist, Sankaranarayan puts forth a strange set of 3 demands. Who are these three? What is their motive? Do they succeed in their plan against the odds stacked up against them? Who is Sankaranarayanan ? What does his daughter ( Naksha Saran) and son-in-law ( Leo Shivakumar) have to do with these events? The vigilante story with a social message is well narrated by the director. The screenplay moves at just the right pace, keeping us

Movie Review : PT Sir

 Kanagavel ( Hip Hop Aadhi) is a P T master at the GP Institutions college. His mom (Devadharshini) wants him to get married soon because of an astrologer has predicted that if he gets into involved in any troublesome social issues before marriage, it will land him in great danger to his life. She brings him up in a protective manner, keeping him away from serious issues and keenly is on the lookout for a good match for him.  His mother is therefor thrilled when he falls in love with his school maths teacher Vanathi ( Kashmira Pardeshi) and the engagement is fixed for the next morning.  But to her utter dismay, Kanagavel lands up in serious trouble on the day of his engagement. His neighbour Rathnam's ( Ilavarasu)  young daughter Nandini ( Anikha Surendran) commits suicide. Kanagavel discovers a secret suicide note which leads him to the the college Chairman Guru Purushottaman (Thiagarajan) who has destroyed the note. In a rage he slaps and manhandles the chairman. What happens nex

BUJJI’ - The Futuristic Vehicle and Prabhas’ Best Friend in ‘Kalki 2898 AD’, unveiled

Presenting ‘BUJJI’ - The Futuristic Vehicle and Prabhas’ Best Friend in ‘Kalki 2898 AD’, unveiled in a spectacular launch event and official preview attended by 20,000 fans in Hyderabad Following an extraordinary teaser reveal of the futuristic vehicle named ‘Bujji’, the fifth and ultimate hero of the upcoming sci-fi epic ‘Kalki 2898 AD’, the makers of the film finally introduced ‘Bujji’ in a never-seen-before epic launch event in Hyderabad on 22nd May 2024. A life-size futuristic vehicle happens to be Prabhas aka Bhairava’s best friend in the film. Announced in a unique and grand event, Prabhas unveiled a special glimpse of ‘Bujji’ - Bhairava in the ‘Introducing ‘Bujji’’ video, showcasing moments from their journey together on a mission in the magnum opus. In the video, Prabhas wholeheartedly expresses, ‘Love You, Bujji’. As ‘Bujji’s’ brain united with its physical form, Prabhas made a one-of-a-kind entrance, surprising the audience by