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Review : SEERU

By Rinku Gupta Seeru, is Jiiva's next outing, directed by Rathna Siva and produced by Vels Films International. Manimaaran ( Jiiva ) is a do-gooder in his town, lives a happy life with his friends and his sister Ilakkiya ( Gayathri) who is pregnant. As luck would have it, he ends up  with enmity of a Chennai -based goonda, Malli ( Varun) who is known for his cruelty. But strangely, when Malli ends up helping taking Ilakkiya to the hospital in time for the delivery in the absence of Manimaaran, the latter is much indebted and goes to Chennai to search for Malli and express his gratitude. In this processs, he ends up encountering a bigger plot of Malli's hirer, a suave, powerful lawyer Ashok Mithran ( Navdeep) who is trying to kill Malli, because he helped some girls  escape after trying to kill Ashok. Manimaaran runs into the girls as they are trying to escape the clutches of Ashok's ggoons and in the process learns how and why they have attracted the wrath of the

Review : ADAVI

By Rinku Gupta Shri Krish Pictures' Adavi is directed by Ramesh G, who has also played a villainous cop in the film which stars  Vinod Kishan ( remember the boy actor in Nanda?) and Ammu Abirami in the lead. The film is set in a small village in a scenic mountain, where the villagers are  hounded to leave their settlement by a greedy land grabber who wants to make a huge mountain resort for profit. He is aided by the local police and his own goons to chase out the villagers who have been living there for generations and for whom the mountains are thier home and source of livlihood. When the youngsters of the village get drawn into this issue, it escalates and all the villagers are tortured by the fraudsters. What happens to the innocent village folk? Do the greedy villains get their way? The basic premise of the story deserves kudos. Director Ramesh G seeks to throw light on the gradual deforestation issue which has a cascading efffect on the environment and the food chain,