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Film Review : Kanam

The Sharwanand, Ritu Varma, Nasser, Amala Akkineni, Sathish, Ramesh Thilak  starrer Kanam ( Oke Oka Jeevitham in Telugu) directed by Shree Karthick, releases on 9th Sep in theatres, produced by Dream Warrior Pictures. The story is about 3 childhood friends,  (Sharwanand, Sathish, Ramesh Thilak) who get involved in a scientist's ( Nasser) Time Travel proposition and decide to go back 20 years in Time. Each of them wants to change a crucial element in their past in order to alleviate the problems of the present.  But what  happens when things go wrong and not according to what they had anticipated? Do they manage to change the past? Can destiny be changed? The film has a beautiful mother- son bonding at its core, superbly portrayed by Amala Akkineni and Sharwanand. The scenes of the duo together are both touching and humorous and will surely strike a chord with viewers. Amala makes an impactful return to Tamil cinema. The child actors playing the 3

Film Review : Captain

Arya's much awaited sci- fi action thriller Captain, directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan, released in theatres today. Arya plays Vetriselvan a brainy, brawny and patriotic, upright Army officer who has a close knit relationship with his  team (Kavya Shetty as Rekha, Harish uthaman as Karthik Devan,Gokul as Karuna and Bharath Raj as Sheik Mansoor). His team is chosen to lead an investigation into a mysterious series of deaths and untoward happenings in a thick forest area in the North East. Dr Keerthi ( Simran) is the scientist in charge of researching the strange findings in the area. What happens when Vetriselvan and his team are confronted by an army of alien like creatures in the forest, whose force and intelligence is far superior? Who is behind these happenings ?  Can Vetriselvan win against such an enemy? Or is the real enemy somewhere else? Its an Arya show all the way.  Kudos to the fit actor who looks every inch the part. His physique, body language  and demeanour

Whenever I come to Tamil Nadu, the love, the welcome, the excitement in the eyes of the fans that I see as soon as I get off the plane, it's like I'm back home," Amala Akkineni

Even today, Amala holds a place for herself in the list of Tamil cinema's dream girls. After working with most of the top stars and directors, she suddenly disappeared from the silver screen. The youth of the 90s consoled themselves by repeatedly watching her films and songs, while wondering how the actress who had the right combination of beauty and talent could not act again. Now she is making a comeback in tamil through the movie Kanam.  "Whenever I come to Tamil Nadu, the love, the welcome, the excitement in the eyes of the fans that I see as soon as I get off the plane, it's like I'm back home," Amala begins her interview with gleam and joy in her eyes... You have made a big impact in Tamil film industry. You got married suddenly and settled in Andhra. Nagarjuna has taken you away from us like the British took away the Kohinoor diamond. But he has kept this diamond happy and safe. Did you ever miss Tamilnadu, Tamil cinema? I missed Che