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Vijay Deverakonda shifts into new luxury home!

By Rinku Gupta Whatever the Arjun Reddy , Dear Comrade actor does become news. Now Tollywood heartthrob, Vijay Deverakonda has just moved into a nswanky , new, luxury  home in Hyderabad. And the Internet just can't stop raving at the traditional pics Deverakonda has put out, with his family. Posting a pic with his parents and brother,  all dressed in Traditional finery, post the grihapravesham of their new home, Deverakonda posted a tweet,  "Her happiness His pride , Our new home! Sending you all lots of love from the 4 Deverakondas - you've all been a part of this journey with us " But he also admitted he is a bit scared of his big new luxurious house due to its sheer size.  But is confident his mum will bring the warmth needed to make it feel like a home. He posted on FaceBook, " I bought a house so big, it scares me. Now need mum to make us all feel safe. Make it home". The Rowdy star's family seems quite close knit and his  family values ar