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Quick Review : Uriyadi 2

by Rinku Gupta Uriyadi 2 directed by its hero Vijay Kumar has been bank -rolled by Suriya's 2 D Entertainment.  The film centres around 3 friends  ( Vijay Kumar playing Lenin, being one of them) in a village, who get work at the Paksino factory nearby. Its owned by a corrupt NRI  corporate giant who knowingly neglects maintainence of old but  vital machinery for profit, which leads to a massive gas leak which kills and maims dozens of poor villagers living around the factory.  Unfazed, due to political backing of corrupt political parties of all hues, he remains out of reach of Lenin and the youth from the village who are shattered by the terrible tragedy and are seeking justice which seems to be eluding them despite protests.  Do they finally get justice and achieve vengeance? Thr film is hard-hitting and spares no-one, laying  bare the nexus of politics and business,  with the public left to the mercy of corruption and greed. Caste- based leaders are also shown plannin

Quick Review : Natpe Thunai

by Rinku Gupta Natpe Thunai produced by Avni Movies is the next movie of Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi and expectations were high after his Meesai Murukku. The film, in brief, revolves around Aadhi playing a hockey player who has given up the game due an incident that affected him deeply. But when he falls for a girl ( Anagha) who is a hockey player, fate pushes him towards the game once again. The reason?  A famed hockey ground  in Puducherry will fall prey to the hands of a greedy and corrupt politician ( Karu Palaniappan in a fine performance) who want to work out a deal for a corporate and chase out the teams training there. A hockey coach ( Harish Uthaman nailing it with his superb act) is fighting hard to keep the ground from being sold but they need a group of hockey players to win a match in the final battle. Will they get a team together ? Who will win? The film keeps hockey as its epicentre and that focus on a sport is commendable. But the focus keeps shifting to a romantic

Watchman is a summer special for kids and families

by  Rinku Gupta Watchman, a GV Prakash starrer produced by Arun Mozhi Manickam's Double Meaning Productions is releasing on April 12th. The film has a dog as one of the main protagonists and is directed by Vijay. Sayyeshaa has done a promo song with GV Prakash and Yogi Babu which was screened at the press meet.  The camera is handled by Nirav Shah. The film is touted to be a summer special which would be attractive for children.  Raj Arjun from Bollywood has acted in the film. He is the father of baby Sara who has been a part of many Vijay films. Actor Suman who is part of the film was very happy to act in Tamil again. 'I always want to be a part of Tamil films even though I live in Hyderabad now.  GV Prakash I knew as a music director  and I was thrilled to work with him. Vijay has  directed the film so effortlessly. The film is very interesting and different. Its a film which requires guts to make. Nirav Shah's lighting is like Hollywood film. Anthony has don

Quick Review: Kupattha Raja

by Rinku Gupta Directed by Baba Bhaskar in his debut as director,  the film has GV Prakash, Parthiban, Poonam Bajwa and Palak Lalwani apart from MS Bhasker  and Yogi  Babu. The movie is set in North Madras and revolves around the young Rocket ( GV Prakash) who lives with his father (MS Bhasker). His love for his girlfriend  ( Palak ) is opposed by her mother which leads to a chain of events which turn his life upside down. His father gets killed and Rocket seeks revenge. A child is also missing and clues lead to a local candy factory.   He is aided in his thirst for revenge by the do-gooder ( Parthiban) and Mary ( Poonam Bajwa) leading to the emergence of an unexpected  villain  amongst them. How they avenge the deaths forms the story. The atmosphere of the kuppam is well created and the ethos, body language and dialect are all captured well by the actors. GV lives his role and performs with ease.  Palak does her part well but her lip synch needs attention. Poonam doesn't re