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M Sasikumar on roads, for Stay Home Awareness drive during Lockdown

By Rinku Gupta Director, actor M Sasikumar has used his time during the Lockdown, to create awareness on the need to  Stay Home during the corona pandemic. The actor has collaborated with the Madurai police and standing shoulder to shoulder with them on the busy junctions on the city roads, has been addressing the public and requesting them not to step out unnecessarily,  unless its for important essentials. He is also part of an awareness video by the cops, where he speaks about the difficulties faced by cops and refers to the women police as well, who are braving odds, and risking their own health during the corona scare, to ensure people stay indoors in the face of the pandemic. A laudable effort indeed.

Arya- Sayyeshaa's bond grows 'sweeter' in lockdown!

By Rinku Gupta While each celeb has been undertaking various activities during the lockdown due to corona, heroine Sayyeshaa has been busy honing her baking skills. From mango cheesecake to chocolate eclairs, the actor and accomplished dancer has been making  it all and posting pics on social media. The latest addition is a pic of  her batch of colorful cupcakes with an endearing pic of hubby dearest Arya, appreciating his wife's efforts with a peck on the cheek. Looks like the fitness freak Arya has been making special concessions for his wife, by gorging on the soecial dishes she's been whipping up in the kitchen during the lockdown. The adorable pic drew some reactions from his mom-in-law Shaheen who wrote addressing the duo, on Twitter, ' You're sweeter than the cupcakes". Son-in- law Arya replied, " I had them all, Cheat Day. Thank you wifey". This is one bond growing sweeter during lockdown!