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Jayam Ravi signs 3 film deal

With the  rising stardom of Jayam Ravi rocketing  he has become the most-loved actor of producers too.  Screen Scene Media Entertainment is now signing up the actor for a 3-Film Deal. Jayam Ravi says, “More than feeling excited about signing a 3-film deal, what makes me honestly happy is the passion of Screen Scene Media Entertainment to produce so many movies. Such a presence of these production studios is really a boon to the Tamil film industry and I would have felt happy even if any of my fellow friends from the industry had got this deal. I have personally observed and got amazed by the selection of  movies that SSME had earlier been and is now associated with. It is so obvious that they have been fervently dedicated in marketing and releasing  substantial content bound movies. In this aspect, I am looking forward to working on such content-driven roles and scripts produced by them. Of course, if not for the creatively compelling minds of filmmakers who had chosen me for their