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Film Review: Mamannan

 The Vadivelu, Udhaynidhi Stalin, Fahad Faasil, Keerthy Suresh starrer, Mari Selvaraj's much awaited Maamannan hit theatres today on June 29th. Athiveeran ( Udhaynidhi) had a traumatic incident as a teen which led to a breakdown of relations with his father Maamannan, ( Vadivelu) who is now an MLA. Veeran takes to adimurai and teaches the art to youth while rearing pigs as a hobby. He meets Leela, an activist, ( Keerthy Suresh) and the duo fall in love.  But life takes a different turn when a local sadistic politoco, Ratnavelu ( Faahad Faasil)'s brother ( Sunil) destroys the free teaching centre Leela had set up in Athiveeran's adimurai school. One thing leads to another, and due to Ratnavelu's egotistical  actions, and caste based politics, Athiveeran soon discovers an unseen facet of his father, which leaves him stunned and heartbroken,  melts his anger towards his father ( whom he has never spoken to in 15 years) and brings him closer to his dad. He is quick to retal

_Zee Studios and Wayfarer Films have just dropped in the mega-teaser of Dulquer Salmaan's 'King of Kotha' and fans are filled with rebellious curiosity!_

  Zee Studios have finally released the teaser of the much-awaited Dulquer Salmaan-starrer 'King of Kotha' in association with Wayfarer Films and it is compelling, bloody and gripping!  The teaser begins on a pulsating note as we see the people of Kotha make way for  'The King,' (Dulquer Salmaan) who arrives in a stylish rust coloured Mercedes, immediately drawing attention to his larger-than-life mafioso. Dulquer Salmaan is brutally charming, unforgivably ruthless and exudes profanity. The teaser chronicles the life of 'King of Kotha' and has left his fans wanting for more. Directed by debutant director Abhilash Joshiy, the teaser surely creates a ripple effect and leaves you wanting for more! The film is slated to release on Onam 2023.