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Film Review : Bholaa

 Bholaa, directed by its hero  Ajay Devgan, the Hindi remake of Kaithi, hit screens on March 31st. Dream Warrior Pictures, the original's producers, have co-produced the Hindi project as well.  The film has the essence and the story of the original but with several additions and changes.  The story takes place in one night,  when Bholaa ( Ajay Devgan), a convict, is released from jail after 10 years, looking forward to meeting his daughter for the first time.  But due to unforseen circumstances, he is forced to  drive a truck full of cops who have been drugged, to safety.    But on the 2 hour journey, villains are ready to accost the truck and put paid to his plans.  There is also a  very large stash of drugs, that the villains, are after. Can Bholaa save himself and the cops? Well he ever meet his daughter? While Ajay Devgan plays the part of the brooding, hard hitting, raw fighter with his usual style, the downside is that too many fighters and villains, keep coming in waves, wit

Tamil blockbuster Agilan – starring Jayam Ravi - is streaming now on ZEE5

  ‘Agilan’, starring Jayam Ravi released in theatres on 10th March and now after a successful run at the box office, the Tamil film just dropped on ZEE5 for its world digital premiere. Directed by N. Kalyanakrishnan, the movie stars Jayam in a dual role as a father and son and explores a neo-noir approach in the thriller genre. Agilan, a cutthroat crane operator, will stop at nothing to reign supreme over the Indian Ocean's seedy underworld. With his access to the harbour, Agilan smuggles drugs and other contraband in and out of the country for a kingpin named Paranthaman (Hareesh Peradi). When an opportunity arises, Agilan goes all out to win the title of the ‘King of the Indian Ocean’ by pulling off a high-stake mission despite having a stringent and maniacal special officer Gokul Mehta (Chirag Jani) on his tail. But as his twisted journey unfolds, his surprising backstory adds a whole new dimension to his villainous deeds. Produced by Screen Scene Media Entertainment, the film a