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By Rinku Gupta Ashwath Marimuthu's Oh My Kadavule is a New Age rom -com released for Valentine's Day. Anu Paulraj ( Ritika Singh) and Arjun ( Ashok Selvan) are good friends from childhood. One day, Anu proposes to Arjun, thinking it would be better to marry her long term friend, whom she knows and trusts, than a stranger in an arranged marriage. After deliberation, Arjun agrees. But after marriage, he is unable to have any romantic feelings for her,as he still sees her as a ' friend'. Into this situation walks in Meera ( Vani Bhojan ) his college crush.  With this catalyst,  problems in his marriage now get compounded when Anu gets jealous and Arjun feels claustrophobic in the relationship. The couple are soon headed for a divorce. But in a strange twist, by the intervention of the Gods ( Vijay Sethupathy, Ramesh Thilak) , Arjun is given a second chance, to look into past events with an opportunity to study where things went wrong. Does he