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Film Review : Agilan

 Director Kalyan Krishnan's, Seven Screen Productions, Jayam Ravi starrer Agilan hits screens on March 10th. Agilan ( Jayam Ravi ) is a crane operator in the harbour. He holds a powerful position, as henchman, doing illegal activities for Paranthaman (Hareesh Peradi). He is helped by his lady love ( Priya Bhavani Shankar), a cop in the harbour police station. Agilan has many enemies one of which is an upright intelligence officer ( Chirag Jani) who is determined to catch him redhanded. But Agilan has a mission. His father Nandha (Jayam Ravi) was also working in the harbour. He was an upright man who was killed by greedy colleagues, when trying to repair a ship Tamilannai, to send free food to refugees stranded on an island. Agilan wants to revive the ship and follow in his father's footsteps. But the odds are stacked high against him. Does he succeed?  The giant scale of the film , set in a harbour from start to finish is the highlight of the project. The inner workings of the

Film Review: Memories

 Actor Vetri's Memories  directed by Syam- Praveen hits screens on March 10th. The story deals with a scientist who wants to experiment with erasing memories of people. In this, he feels that family is a burden. What happens when his son realises this?  But wait,  is this the real story, or is it something else? For that one has to watch Memories. Actor Vetri is seen in 4 different looks in the film and seems to have put his best  foot forward. But the convoluted screenplay and poor writing lets him down. After a while one ceases to be invested in his character(s) and their back stories.   Characters come and go, or change identity so fast. The staging seems amateurishly done at many places and the gloomy, rundown interiors of ' operation' rooms, the constant chases and performance of few characters, only adds to the piling disinterest. The 'story' is being narrated from the beginning, which is another downer.  The character of Janaki by talented Kaari actor, Parvat