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Quick Review: Nerkonda Paarvai

By Rinku Gupta Nerkonda Paarvai, (the remake of the Hindi film Pink starring Amitabh Bachchan) is produced by Boney Kapoor and directed by H Vinoth, starring Ajith Kumar as the lawyer played by Amitabh in the original. As a remake, the story is fairly well known. 3 girls ( Shraddha Srinath, Abirami and Andrea) stay together in a flat. One evening they go to a party where they meet 3 boys. After dinner and a few drinks, when one of the boys tries to molest Mira ( Shraddha) , she breaks a bottle over his head leading to a grave injury. This angers the rich brat Adhik, who now gets into revenge mode. He , aided with his friends, puts a case against Mira, and she lands in jail. The girls try their best to get her out but even her lawyer sides secretly with the rich boy's well connected father ( JP). Help comes from an unexpected quarter, in the form of ace lawyer Bharath Subramaniam ( Ajith Kumar) who had left his profession due to a personal tragedy involving his wife ( Vidya