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Film Review: Yaathisai

 Yaathisai, a period drama,set in the 7th century AD, directed by Dharani Rasendran, hit theatres,on April 21st. The story is set in the times when the Chera, Chola and Pandiya kingdoms,were at war, each to gain the upperhand. Into this scenario, to pit his might against the powerful Pandiyan king Ranadheera ( Shakti Mithran), a leader of the tribal Einar clan, Kothi, ( Vijay Seyon), sets out to gain control of the Pandiya kingdom and palace, with his much smaller army.  Why does he pit himself against such a powerful king? What happens between the duo? Does Kothi succeed in attaining his goal? Who is the mystery entrant, a prisoner in a ship on the high seas, who is set  to enter this scenario? Yaathisai has a large number of newcomers, but every actor has given his utmost to the film,  with fantastic performances and the effort shows on screen and how! Seyon and Shakti Mithran keep you rivetted to the screen especially in the battle scenes. Every inch of their fights look real, raw a

Film Review : Deiva Machan

Actor Vemal returns in this comedy, a full on  family entertainer, Deiva Machan , directed by Martyn Nirmal Kumar. The film hit screens on April 21st. Karthi ( Vemal) lives in a joint family with hi dad, sister and brother's family, in his village. His mother died when he was a kid. He, along with his dad and bro, want his sister Thaen (Anitha Sampath) to get married, and look for a suitable groom. But due to several reasons, nothing seems to click. Karthi has a problem. He gets nightmares where a man on a horse predicts the death of people to him, and exactly the same happens. But, when he finally finds the perfect groom for his sister, and all is going well,  the nightmare returns and a dire prediction is made. Will Karthi now be able to save the life of his 'machan'? Who are the enemies who will stop at nothing to ruin his sister's wedding? Deiva Machan is a rib tickling comedy with an unusual storyline, which not only keeps you entertained but also keeps you guessi

Shooting of Harish Kalyan-Attakathi Dinesh starrer “Lubber Pandhu” commences!

  Filmmaker Tamizharasan Pachamuthu, the co-director of movies like Kaqnaa and FIR, and dialogue writer of Nenjukku Needhi embarks on his directorial venture with the film ‘Lubber Pandhu’.  Prince Pictures which has been consistently endowing audiences with a slew of content-driven movies like Sardar, Kaari, and Run Baby Run is producing this film ‘Lubber Pandhu’.  Harish Kalyan and Attakathi Dinesh are playing the lead roles.  Swastika Vijay and Vadhandhi series fame Sanjana Krishnamoorthy are performing the female lead characters.  The others in the star cast include Devadarshini, Bala Saravanan, and many others.  While the film’s launch, which was a ritual ceremony was held during the first week of March, the team has kick-started the shooting at Guduvancherry near Chennai today.  The film based on rural-based cricket features a musical score by Sean Roldan. Dinesh Purushothaman is handling the cinematography and G. Madhan is overseeing the editing works.