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Press Note Young director Sri Ganesh who made the world look at him in awe following the tremendous promise he had shown as a director in his maiden film "8 Thottakkal" is all set to go on floors for his second film. Atharvaa who is finding himself on the commercial star path plays the role of the protagonist  of this action flick which has many ingredients that can attract the attention of the audience.. Titled  "KURUDHI AATTAM" this thriller will  commence the shooting by this month end and it is  produced by Rockfort Entertainment                           T. Murganatham  in association with I B Karthikeyan of Big Print pictures. Sri Ganesh,the director who believes in action than words shares his view points on "Kuruthi  Attam", " This film will be an intense action thriller, happening in the world of Madurai and it's gangsters. The film will be filled with a lot of raw and exciting action sequences, where the audience will f


The film is the launch pad of veteran actor Thambi Ramaiah's son  Umapathi Ramaiah and is directed  by the veteran actor himself. The story revolves around a father ( Thambi Ramaiah) and mom ( Sriranjini) who dote on their only son ( Umapathi). The family has fallen into bad times. As a result, when they go seek the alliance of Umapathi's atthai ponnu ( Mrudula  Murali ), they are insulted and refused by her father (Jayaprakash). The fact that the hero is also a wastrel with no aim in life, adds to his demerits in the eyes of Jayaprakash. However, the dejected and angry hero, is encouraged  to turn over a new leaf by his lady love who is determined to marry him despite her father's refusal. How the family lands in trouble despite thier best efforts  and whether they succeed in coming out of their problems forms the story. Set in a village, the film brings out ample slices of village life, but with a modern touch, The way the rural lives are changing is well portra


Ghajinikanth is the Tamil remake of the Telugu, Nani starrer, Bale Bale Magadivoy, a comic caper. The Tamil film, directed by Santhosh P   Jayakumar, has stuck largely to the original, except for a few comic lines added to suit the local flavor. The story revolves around a boy, Rajinikanth ( Arya) who is forgetful right from childhood. If his attention is diverted by something, he is bound to forget what he originally set out to do. Due to this he misses out on many suitable marriage alliances, including one with the heroine, when her father (Sampath in a distinguished role) comes to meet the future bridegroom.   As luck would have it, Rajinikanth meets with and falls in love with   the heroine Vandhana   (Sayyeshaa) who happens to be the daughter of the very man who rejected him as a future son-in-law.   She is totally unaware of his forgetful nature, as the hero manages many a cover up in the nick of time everytime. Does he manage to win her love   and get the green signal fr