Quick Review: Mayuran

By Rinku Gupta
Mayuran is directed by debutant Nandan Subbarayan and produced by Ashok Kumar, Raman, Chandrasekar and Karthik.

The film starts off with a rural youth Viji ( Amudhavanan) coming to the city of Chidambaram, to study where he makes a bunch of loyal friends in a college. As luck would have it, he discovers he has cancer, due to a misplaced report causing a mix up at the diagnostic lab. By the time his friends discover the truth to tell him, its too late for he has landed in a drug deal run by a cartel inside the college, in order to send money to his poor parents before he dies.
Now its upto his friend , do -gooder Segu (Anjan Dev)to avenge his death. Does he succeed?

Vela Ramamoorthy plays the don in his usual convincing manner while others in the cast include Balaji Radhakrishman and Anandsamy apart from Asmita K Dogra,l the female lead.

The love angle is nothing much to go by. The director attempts to show the dark side of college life when anti- social elements disrupt innocent lives. The glitches in the narrative, weak storyline, lagging screenplay and 80's kind of making apart, the film a drama, thriller, drives home the point its trying to make.

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