Movie Review: Boomer Uncle


A 90's kid, Nesan ( Yogi Babu) marries Amy a British lady but wants a divorce now. But she puts one condition. He has to stay for one day in his ancestral royal palace in the hills. 

But there are 4 friends ( KPY Bala, Seshu, Robo Shankar, Thangadurai ) in that village who are raging to take revenge and killa Nesam because he is the reason they are still ummarried.

But they all fall for a pretty friend Harini who accompanies Nesan and his wife to the palace. They take turns to win her over somehow. But when she calls him ' uncle' he is shattered and vows revenge.

In the meanwhile Amy is busy with a sinister plan, exploring the forbidden upper portions of the palace which have a secret.

Amidst all  this, actor Oviya lands up in the palace asking for shelter for one night. Nesan falls for her.  But the boomer uncle finds out that she is in fact a ghost but Nesan doesnt believe her.

In the meanwhile strange things are happening. Amy has a secret Hologram fotmula ( which was Oviya). She ( actually a Rusaisn Spy) is after a secret superhumsn formula called Project 9.0 invented by Nesan's father. She will go to any lengths to get what she wants. She uses Natammai ( Robo Shankar) in her plans making him a super hero Hulk to get her way.

What happens to  Nesan and his friends turned enemies, in the face of grave danger?

The film is  like  a parody of ghost, thriller and super hero films rolled into one. The sepeehero portions seemed to be aimed at kids, as there is a song with the hulk dancing with kids. Spiderman, Thor, Batman and Joker characters are also included in the mix. 

But the film is not really for kids is the double meaning dialogues and men lusting after girls in shorts and skimpy clothes.

The comedy is insipid despite the presence of so many comedians due to poor writing.

Almost the entire film is shot in one location, that of the palace, and there is much running about.

Better writing for the comedy scenes would have helped the film immensely. The songs are nothing to write home about as such,  though the making seems befitting the tale, with some sci- fi gadgetry and invention room added to the palace set up.

Oviya looks good, Yogi Babu gets some laughs coming along the way. 

Overall Boomer Uncle is a comedy for those intersested in farcical human, double entendre jokes and the like. 


Produced By: Anka Media

Worldwide Release: Avs Entertainment SS Prabhu 

Cast :

Yogibabu -         Nesam

Oviya.       -         Oviya 

Bala.         -         Billa

Thangadurai-    vallarasu 

Shesu.        -       Dawood

Yogi Babu, Oviya, Robo Shankar, M.S. Bhasker, sheshu, bala, Thangadurai, Sona,  Madhanbabu

Written by : Thillai

Directed by: Swadesh MS 

DOP: Subash dhandabani

Editor: Elayaraja S

Music: Santhan & Dharma Prakash

Art Director: P A Anand

Stunts: Suresh

Costume designer: Rebecca Maria

PRO : A. John

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