Quick Review :Maanik

by Rinku Gupta

The story of Maaniik revolves around a boy called Maanik, (Makapa Anand) who has a strange gift from the Gods, that will  benefit him only when he is 27. As luck would have it, he lands up at the ashram of a God man (a leggings clad, lipstick sporting man who seems to be fake but seems to have powers that work somehow). The God Man reveals that for one year, Maaniik will have a boon. Whichever girl says 'I Love You' to him, her father will die immediately.

Maanik and his fellow wastrel friend Jack ( Vathsan ), have a passion for cricket. They now share a common (very impractical considering they dont even have jobs) goal of buying the CSK team and making them play!  How they use Maanik's boon to somehow ururp and earn money through fraudulent means to attain their goal, forms the story.

The premise of the film sounds interesting on paper. How debut director Martyn executes is however neither rom nor com.

In its favour it can be said that novel situation he puts the hero  in does elicit some laughs here and there.
Makapa seems the perfect choice for the role, getting into character with ease. Suza Kumar as his girlfriend looks pretty and does her  part well.
Yogi Babu appears in a brief cameo but that hardly helps the film. Madhumeeta as Jeera, is good in her brief appearance. (Maybe they should have given the talented actor a bigger part to get some laughs ?) Manobala can be seen in multiple get-ups but seems under -utilised on the comedy front.

 Aruldoss as the villain who keeps killing people left, right and centre for the smallest of reasons, becomes very tedious to watch, hardly giving room for any fear nor laughter. One wonders why the director introduced this track, which seems forced.

The comedy in several places is rather unwholesome and unsavoury with  double entendres thrown in.  Too  many instances of the hero licking his lips or looking lasciviously at women abound. Every girl he meets almost, seems to fall in love with him for the smallest reasons, which seems fake and included just so that her dad maybe bumped off for the script.

The hero and his freind escaping from goons and girls everytime makes it repetitive to watch.

The music by Dharan Kumar is suited to the script. The film does have a few salient features but one has to search for them in all the characters running around (quite literally) most of the time.

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