Quick Review : Gilli Bambaram Goli

By Rinku Gupta

Gili Bambaram Goli is a story revolving around a group of 3 boys and a girl who are from India and work in Malaysia to earn a living to support thier families.
The foursome ( Prasath, Naresh, Tamil and Deepthi Shettty) meet by chance and end up becoming friends, all sharing a common history of having to support thier families.

 Due to a series of circumstsnces they run into a local don called Chandra ( Santhosh Kumar) who lusts after the girl in the group. He threatens her to give herself up to him. Unable to put up with the gang of baddies and their constant atrocities, all four  friends end up losing their jobs. With big families to support back home, they have to find a way out of the mess.  It is then that they come up with an idea that offers a glimmer of hope, namely the game of Gilli Bambaram Goli. Do they succeed in escaping the don and his henchmen and return to pursue their dreams forms the story.

Directed by D Manoharran the film is produced by Sri Sai Film Circuit and shot mainly in Malaysia. The backdrop of the scenic skyline and the life of people there adds a refreshing touch to the proceedings.
The film attempts to highlight the plight of youngsters burdened with family responsibilites at a young age who  have to fend for themselves under stringent working conditions in foreign lands and ably manages to bring to the fore their daily problems. Families back home think life is hunky dory and keep making monetary demands on them which they are under great pressure to fulfil.
While the acting of all concerned is adequate, some of the repetitive scenes with the goons could have been trimmed, as also some of the comedy scenes that did not generate much laugher. Settting the film in Malaysia, the makers could have tried something different apart from the usual template of a goon with his usual henchmen, shot in the manner of a 90's film. Some of the situations seem contrived.  However, the  attempt to highlight a local sport is commendable.

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