Quick Review: Kupattha Raja

by Rinku Gupta

Directed by Baba Bhaskar in his debut as director,  the film has GV Prakash, Parthiban, Poonam Bajwa and Palak Lalwani apart from MS Bhasker  and Yogi  Babu.

The movie is set in North Madras and revolves around the young Rocket ( GV Prakash) who lives with his father (MS Bhasker). His love for his girlfriend  ( Palak ) is opposed by her mother which leads to a chain of events which turn his life upside down. His father gets killed and Rocket seeks revenge. A child is also missing and clues lead to a local candy factory.   He is aided in his thirst for revenge by the do-gooder ( Parthiban) and Mary ( Poonam Bajwa) leading to the emergence of an unexpected  villain  amongst them. How they avenge the deaths forms the story.

The atmosphere of the kuppam is well created and the ethos, body language and dialect are all captured well by the actors. GV lives his role and performs with ease.  Palak does her part well but her lip synch needs attention. Poonam doesn't really have much to do but forms an important link in the turn of events.

However, too many characters and a lot of dialogues  happening constantly, with unending jokes, lovers tiffs and verbal duels, gets tiring to watch. The angle of the factory creating poisonous substances is handled all too briefly. The stunts are well- handled despite the narrow lanes and closed spaces and are well captured by the camera but somehow the scenes dont elicit an emotional response from the viewer, enough to invest in the characters.  However, the scene with the child's body identification by Parthiban and the emotional scenes of GV Prakash and dialogues of MS Bhasker do manage to stand out.

Had the film concentrated more on the thriller angle and less on the romantic duels, it would have perhaps worked better in its favour. 

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