Quick Review : Mr Local

By Rinku Gupta

Mr Local is the next film of the combo of Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanthara,directed by Rajesh M and produced by Studio Green.

Manohar ( Sivakarthikeyan) leads a happy life with his mom ( Radhika) and sister and works in a car showroom. One day his motorbike is hit by a car driven by the arrogant and rich Keerthana ( Nayanthara) who refuses to apologize. The spat begins when Manohar expects her to apologise even though the cop on the scene tells them it was a signal problem and nobody's fault.
From then on begins a huge rather mindless ego tussle between them on various issues, in a game of one -up-manship. Manohar vows to teach her a lesson while she's all out to bring him under control and make him apologise. Until one day he realizes hes actually in love with her.
Does she reciprocate his love? Does he win her over?
This is a much done and dusted 'taming of the shrew' type of scenario, where the heroine is shown as arrogant, rich and vengeful and the hero is determined to bring her down a notch or two. There's a wafer thin storyline if it can be called that.
The constant back and forth of their warring dialogues get tedious to watch after a while.The pursuit of one- sided ' love ' relentlessly, till the lady reciprocates is a story line that could have been avoided for something more meaningful, especially given the stellar cast. While it's good that the usual drinking scenes have been avoided by the director, a closer scrutiny of the way women are referred to or portrayed in the film would have been welcome. Isn't it time directors indulge into a little more responsible writing and actors think twice before agreeing to be part of  dialogues that show women in a demeaning light in the name of entertainment?

The song Takkunu Takkunu with music by Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi is a peppy number shot on panoramic locations and makes for a foot tapping  watch. Gorgeous Nayanthara looks a dream in the entire film and every inch the rich businesswoman. Costumers Anu Vardhan and Neerja Kona get full marks. Her variety of hair and make up looks too are top notch. Sivakarthikeyan is his usual self, the  entertainer, showering charm and carrying off the role with ease. He stands out in the comedy scenes. But his choice of script leaves much to be desired.

The comedians Yogi Babu, Robo Shankar , Thambi Ramaiah and Sathish all try to keep one entertained with witticisms and situational comedy in the first half. The comedy scenes in the interchanges between Radhika and Sivakarthikeyan with reference to TV serials and selfies makes it topical and interesting. Their mom-son combo works out well.

For those who prefer not to look too deeply , the film is a breezy rom com with good production values, foreign locale shoots, great visuals and comedy. There are no real villains and fights by Anbariv are impactful but kept to a minimum which is a plus. Cameraman B Dinesh Krishnan has captured the posh offices, star hotels and foreign locales (like France)in an appealing manner giving the film a posh sheen.

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