Quick Review: Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari

By Rinku Gupta

Bodhai Yeri Budhi Maari is directed by newbie Chandru SK and produced by Sreenidhi Sagar.

The story revolves around Karthik ( doctor turned actor Dheeraj) who on the eve of his wedding visits his friend Roshan ( Roshan) and meets up for a drinking session with his buddies. There he ends up inhaling a deadly drug during a prank and from then on things go haywire for him.Several unexplained murders happen and he is trapped in the apartment, unable to leave nor fathom what's happening.

There is a drug nexus, a cop ( Ajay) , a journo ( Pradaini) and his fiancee ( Dushara) and Roshan's lover ( Meera Mithun) who are all part of the story, whose plot thickens as the film proceeds. How much is real and what is fantasy? What happens to Karthik? Does he escape the clutches of deadly addiction? Or is he trapped forever?

The camerawork by Balasubramaniam is commendable especially in the confines of the apartment where most of the action takes place. Director Chandru has handled a contemporary social malady like addiction to alcohol and drugs and should be lauded for showing it in all its ugliness and the toll it takes on lives, especially where most other films are still showing tasmac scenes, and bar songs with actors drinking ( and vomiting) to celebrate as well as to mourn anything in thier lives. In this he is ably aided by hero Dheeraj who shows quite effortlessly how the drugs take over and destroy his life.
The flip side is that many characters come in at the beginning all at once and it takes time for thier significance to set in. Despite having 3 heroines, hardly any screen time is given to them and they seem under utilised. The scenes in the apartment despite the constant twists, get a tad repetitive to watch though the scares and jumps are well executed.
The interiors of Roshan's apartment seems quite run down as compared to the plush outer facade of his apartment complex.
The loose ends however, are tied up nicely. A film which tries to reflect harsh reality and delivers a potent message. 

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