Quick Review: Viswasam

by Rinku Gupta
As a film for the festival holidays,  families and fans, Viswasam has the right mix of emotions, comedy  and action with Ajith Kumar at the centre of it all.

The story ( without giving away any spoilers) revolves around the life of Thookku Durai ( Ajith Kumar) who is a much revered and feared rice mill owner with a large family, in his village. He is quick to beat up baddies who have wronged people in the village. This earns him several enemies.
 When Dr Niranjana ( Nayanthara) comes to his village for a health camp, her aversion for his flying fists later changes to admiration and love leading to marriage. But what happens when they have a child and things begin to go wrong ? Does Thookku Durai manage to set things right?

Be it in the dances, emotional scenes or light-hearted comedy, Ajith gives it his all, making for a delightful watch for fans. Several hi-octane stunts of Ajith will keep viewers glued. In the emotional scenes too he strikes a chord instantly with the audiences.
Nayanthara looks ethereally beautiful in her ethnic wear in both saris and churidar sets  in a good role in which she excels as wife , mom and professional. The duo make a lovely screen pair. Anikha as the pre- teen daughter shows her mettle and brings out the parent-child bonding beautifully.
 Vivek in a brief appearance adds to the laughs but Yogi Babu and Robot Shankar could have been used better one feels. Jagapathi Babu is well cast as the stylish villain.

Though the plot can be said to be wafer thin, the family audiences will enjoy the emotional and familial bonds that Director Siva has portrayed.
A strong and topical message is conveyed at the end. D Imman's music, Ruben's editing and Vetri's camerawork are all huge pluses in the film's favour.
 With good performances ( the highlight being Ajith as actor and star) by everyone, good production values, slick making with both rural and urban backdrops, and all the elements expected of a commercial entertainer, Viswasam ticks all the boxes for festival watch.

This Sathyajyothi Film's production released today, Jan 10th.

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