Ramayana inspires Ganesh Venkatram

By Rinku Gupta

During the lockdown period because of the Covid 19 virus , actor Ganesh Venkatram is at home with his wife Nisha and baby girl Samaira.
While everyone has been using their time at home in different ways,  Ganesh has used it to pen his thoughts after watching the revived Ramayana TV show and drawn life lessons from it, especially keeping the current situation off the corona pandemic and subsequent lockdown in mind.

Ganesh has written, "Thought of sharing some insightful lessons from Ramayana that we can reflect & apply during this Covid19 crisis-

 WHEN Ram was suddenly subjected to Vanavas for 14 years - The first thing he did was realising that the occurrence of this situation was beyond his control & accepted it GRACEFULLY. We have only been given some days of Grihavaas, we can accept that cheerfully.
After deep thinking about the current situation, he along with Sita & Laxman decided that they must dedicate these 14 years to develop their MENTAL FACULTIES. We must use this time to Develop our facultiesa and make contributions as well.

 If Bharath could manage to administer an entire kingdom without being in the city, then we can manage  to do our work from home

Kaikeyi believed in rumours that seemed to be in her favor and caused total destruction. Be very careful in what you believe and share.

Lakshman was completely vigilant and kept guard for 14 years, we can be vigilant for some days & prevent the virus from entering our homes

 Sita was confined to Ashok Vatika for a whole year and was subjected to harsh mental torture but she kept her spirits up by thinking of the Lord. We can definitely do the same.

 Hanuman changed his size, his approach, his strategy continuously as the situation demanded but ensured the job was done. We need to be innovative to make sure we complete our tasks & accept the changing circumstances.

Shatrughna did the work of managing the family and executing the orders of Bharat without any credit seeking. There are so many Shatrughnas who are quietly serving the society in various ways, let us remember them and be grateful to them.

Raavan had so much but he always craved for more and remained insecure. Let us not hoard things because in this situation taking more than needed is actually like stealing from someone else.

 Even though surrounded by negativity from all sides, Vibheeshan managed to keep himself mentally engaged in positive thinking. Let us also practice social distancing from all the negativity around us.

In this moment of strife, There is so much we can learn from our beautiful Epics. Do share ur reflections & learnings as well

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