Vijay Deverakonda takes up #BeARealMan , challenges Dulquer next!

By Rinku Gupta

Tollywood heartthrob Vijay Deverakonda took the ongoing # BeARealMan Challenge on social media and posted a video of himself at home during the lockdown.
Shot by his brother, the video shows The World Famous Lover  waking up around noon and making his bed, before proceeding to do a few light chores like filling water bottles, changing garbage bin bags and then making mango ice cream before playing games in the company of his dad.

The actor finally shares the icecream with his family who are playing a board game.

The video ends with Vijay  acknowledging the importance of being able to share the lockdown being amongst loved ones and prays for those who are separatedfrotheir families at this crucial time. He also posts,  'Be a good son
Be a good husband
Be a good father' #BeARealMan

Vijay tweeted,"Bits of my day in lockdown :)
Documented by @anandIdeverkonda

#BeARealMan challenged by @sivakoratala sir. I would like to extend it to Kunjikkaa @dulQuer " thereby challenging Mallywood star Dulquer Salmaan to take upthe challenge.

Fans have appreciated him for posting natural situations in his home, showing him just as he is,  without going out of the way to do chores actvities just for the sake of  social media.

#spreadpositivity series

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