Film Review : Jai Bhim

 Suriya's Jai Bhim, directed by TJ Gnanavel and produced by 2D Entertainment, dropped on Amazon Prime today ( with audio in 5 languages.

The film revolves around members of the Irula tribe who are often falsely charged by crimes by the police, as they are powerless to retaliate. One such family of Senegani ( Lijumol Jose) is gravely affected when her husband (Manikandan) along with two others, are tortured in police custody, falsely accused in a theft case. When they suddenly  disappear from custody, Senegani is helpless  and unable to find them, as nobody is willing to come to her aid. Thanks to a local teacher ( Rijisha Vijayan) she meets lawyer Chandru ( Suriya), a good samaritan who is moved by her plight and decides to help her by filing a case. But in their quest for justice, they have to take on the system.  Do they succeed?

The superb  performances of the leads  lend the film even greater credibility. Suriya the superb actor (and not the star) is who we see here and his restrained but powerful performance as Chandru leaves a huge impact. Lijomol and Manikandan have lived their roles with their superb performances. Indeed the entire cast has been well chosen and delivered measured performances that lend greater credibility to the proceedings. Prakash Raj's scenes with Suriya are also amongst those to watch out for.

The emotional and physical pain of the wronged is superbly brought out by the screenplay and director Gnanavel  succeeds in making the viewer actually feel their emotions and helplessness. The camerawork and musical score add to the effect of the message that is being conveyed. The scenes depicting the lives of the tribals, captured with several details, keep the viewer invested in what happens to them and  later able to feel for them when the proceedings unfold. The use of minimal but powerful dialogues are another highlight of the film. 

Watch out for the credits at the end for the facts behind the landmark case and the impact the real life lawyer Chandru created via his work for the marginalised.

A not -to -be- missed film,  Jai Bhim's makers, producer Suriya  and director TJ Gnanavel deserves kudos for  choosing a socially relevant subject and then staying true to it,  without diluting it with starry considerations to add commercial value. The importance of education, a greater sensitivity towards the marginalized and staying true to your conscience are some of the takeaways of the film, easily amongst the best  in Kollywood. 

Rating 4/5

                  Manikandan and Lijomol

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