Film Review: Buffoon

 Buffoon' starring Vaibhav and Anagha in the lead, is a power-packed political action drama. Presented by director Karthik Subbaraj and produced by Kaarthekeyen Santhanam, Sudhan Sundharam and Jayaraman, the film is directed by Ashok Veerappan and released today, on Sep 23 rd in theatres.

Vaibhav plays Kumaran, a drama artist in a village, who wants to explore better prospects in life much against the wishes of his father, who is  a respected veteran drama artist.

 However, in his very first job as a lorry driver, he lands up in  a complicated situation when the container he drives is seized by police for drugs. Soon he and his friend realise that though they are innocent, they have been caught up in a dangerous battle between greedy politicos, drug suppliers and the police who want to implicate them in murder and drug trafficking.

As the situation turns life threatening, Kumaran has to decide. Will he try to run away and escape to a safer haven or stay and fight back  and come out stronger? In the midst of it all, does he loose his innocence ?

Vaibhav as the innocent therukoothu artist who usually plays the ' buffoon',  who later discovers the fighter within  him,  has done a good job. It's a different dimension of the actor and he has displayed friendship, love, emotions, and humor in good measure wherever required. His action scenes are well choreographed and Vaibhav carries them off very convincingly.  He also excels in the scenes as a stage artist.

His pairing with Anagha works well and the subtle romance has a nice touch to it.  Anagha as the refugee has done a good job as well. All the supporting cast including Joju George, Naren, Anthakudi Ilayaraja, Tamilarasan, Moonar Ramesh and others have been aptly cast.

The camerawork captures well the beauty of the coastal areas of TN and the music by Santhosh Narayan has a rustic touch in keeping with the stage drama links on the story. 

The nativity angles are well brought out and the therukoothu scenes are delightful to watch. 

On the flip side, too many dimensions and  angles, have been touched upon, which could have been a bit more deeply explored. Kumaran is shown moving around freely even when on the run,  with not much of fear of being discovered. Joju George is an important character, though with hardly much screen time. 

The director has attempted to explore a different story and mulieu  than the usual and draws you into the world of his characters convincingly.

Rating 3/5

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