Film Review: Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum

 Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum (SSSS) directed by Vignesh Sha, produced by Lark studios and starring Mirchi Shiva, Megha Akash, Mano, Makapa Anand,Bucks, Shara and others, hit screens today on Feb 24th.

Madesh ( Shara) is a scientist who invents a smartphone with Artificial Intelligence ( AI) whose abbreviation is SIMRAN. She is in the form of a girl ( Megha Akash) who can multitask and is a breakthrough invention. An angel investor ( Bucks) is after the invention tech which is with 500 crores in the international market. 

But the phone gets stolen and lands up in the hands of food delivery man Shankar ( Shiva) who is in love with influencer Tulsi ( Anju Kurian). SIMRAN helps Shankar to rise in life and amass wealth buy also falls in love with him.  When Shiva tells her she is a good friend, but is only a phone and so he cannot live with her like a human,  all hell breaks loose.  Now, Simran decides to show him what she's capable of.  What havoc does she wreak in his life and that of his friends and family?

With the increasing worldwide focus on AI and  the power it wields, the film is a timely release on a trending topic. 

The director successfully shows a mirror to society about how indispensable and powerful the mobile phone has become in our daily lives. Where is can cause progress it can also wreak havoc. But the value of love and human relationships remains above all in life.   The film successfully uses comedy to drive home the message while also touching upon other issues relating to jobs, relationships and social behaviour. Kudos to the director for delivering a different story than the usual fare.

Shiva,as usual,  shines in his role,  his poker faced witty interchanges a delight to watch. His romantic track with Anju Kurian is showcased in trendy surroundings and keeps you engaged.  Megha Akash has given a neat performance as Simran and her climax dialogue with its high emotional quotient, is convincing and stands out.

All the others, Anju, Divya Ganesh ( in a screen debut after TV), Mano, KPY Bala, Bucks and Shara have added to the fun with their performances.

Though the story is slightly predictable after a while,  the  screenplay is racy and the fun quotient is  high  which keeps you invested in the proceedings. Though it is a comedy, the presence of an emotional thread, touches a chord.

Leon James BGM supports the story.  The camerawork is adequate and the visuals are pleasant, though many  a time one can see scenes being shot in cramped spaces.

SSSS is a fast paced, clean comedy entertainer with a sound message, conveyed in an engaging manner without sounding preachy, a laugh riot  to watch with family, kids and friends, 

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