Film Review: Yaadum Oore Yavarum Kelir

 The Vijay Sethupathy starrer YOYK released after a long delay, on May 19th.

Punithan ( Vijay Sethupathy), a refugee without any official documents, arrives in Kodaikanal in search of a lady in the Sri Lankan Tamils Refugee camp. He is in search of an identity so that he can obtain a nationality and get a passport to go to London to take part in a world music competition for which he has been chosen.  For this,  he wants to take on the identity of the brother of a refugee, who had run away as a teen.

In Kodai, he meets a musician of a band, ( MeghaAkash) who falls for him.  But trouble awaits Punithan as 2 cops are baying for his blood. What is reason for their anger? Why are they after him?Does Punithan manage to reach London finally?

The film highlights the plight of Tamil refugees and via the character of Punithan attempts to showcase the issues they face without having access to a passport, identity and similar documents. Sethupathy brings a gravitas and emotion to his role,  and conveys the message of the movie in a moving manner especially at the climax.

The dialogues are minimal but convey the emotions effectively.

Though the film gives off a slightly 90's feel in its making styly, the characters, screenplay, performances and incidents keep your attention all through.

The beauty of Kodaikanal is delightfully captured by Vetrivel Mahendran. Its good to see actor Vivek on screen in this film. 



Vijay Sethupathi - Punithan,

Megha Akash - Mettilda,

Thabiya Mathura - Jessy,

Kaniha - Kanagarani,

Magizh Thirumeni - Rajan, 

Karu Palaniappan - Arumugam, 

Mohan Raja - Vincent, 

Vivek - Father Xavier, 

Rythvika - Kannigai,

Sri Ranjani - Baby, 

Raghu Adhithya - Thambi Sekar,


Imman Annachi,

Bava Chelladurai, 


Chinni Jeyanth,

Vidhya pradeep, 

Ajay Rathnam,

Sampath Ram


Written & Direction : Venkata Krishna Roghanth

Music : Nivas K Prasanna

DOP : Vetrivel Mahendran

Edit : John Abraham

Art : K. Veerasamar

Creative Producer : Ragu Athithya

Producer : S.Esakki Durai

Production Company : Chandaraa Arts

PRO: Nikil Murukan

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