Film Review : Takkar

 Takkar, the Sidharth and Divyansha starrer directed by Karthik G Krish, hit screens on June 9th.

Gunasekar or Guns ( Sidharth) comes to the city with dreams to make it big in life but ends up with a series of compromises. Caught up in the deadly web of a Korean gangster, he is pushed to overcome his fears and get into action mode to survive. Circumstances lead him to meet Lucky ( Divyansha Kaushik) a rich girl on the run, who doesnt believe in love. In the meanwhile  a deadly gang is after her, while her tycoon father too wants her back in order to marry her off to another businessman. Both Guns and Lucky are now together on the run from danger and a hopeless life. 

Does love bloom between the Guns and Lucky? Is he able to save her life and his own as well?

Sidharth seems to have entered into full on action mode in this film.  His lean, muscled physique makes the action scenes credible. 

Divyansha does justice to her role and there are a few brief moments of connect between the duo.

But the end portions somehow dont seem to justify the build up to their characters and seem hurriedly put together.

The comedy track with Yogi Babu, Muniskanth and VJ Vignesh is a good diversion when a redundant feel sets in during the chase scenes. Vignesh and Sidharth's friendship is well brought out.

The Sikkhim location song is visually rich and the overall visuals are passable in this  road action drama.

However, being an action drama, the fight scenes dont exactly create much of an impact. 

Overall, a mixed bag of a film that attempts to say something, which somehow seems lost somewhere along the way.

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